Virtuous Artella I

Head of the Church of the Sovereign, age 36


A divine leader who hopes to lead the world into a new age of safety and expansion.


Known as Catelyn Schmidt before being elected as the first Virtuous, or leader of the Church of the Sovereign and affiliated faiths. She had born the epithet of Catelyn the Architect, making it her life’s work to reinforce the defenses of all settlements on the continent. While her training in the church focused on masonry, engineering and material science, she acquired many skills in her quest. Defending half-complete walls made her an able commander. She is renowned for tactical use of the terrain and brilliant logistics. Though of common birth, Catelyn became a persuasive voice in order to procure funds and materials for her projects. Lords who denied her often faced the wrath of their own people. Most importantly, she learned how to play church politics. Formerly a band of rugged pioneers with a shared faith, the Church is becoming more unified. Catelyn helped forge them into a larger, more active peacekeeping force as well as continuing her goal of literally building up settlements brick by brick. Now, as Virtuous Artella I, she seeks to provide security against the continent’s ever present monster problem.

Virtuous Artella I

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