The Volstadt Historical: A Tale of Monsters

Chapter Reviews

  • Chapter 1- Year of 1496. Recently turned into monsters, you navigate the dangers of living with people while needing to eat them. Schwarz met with initial failure after an accidental murder, then wary acceptance as the tamed monster of the town. After claiming the castle Rabenfestschloss in an elaborate test, the government is decided. Scarlet became baroness and a council of immortals was formed to help rule and advise.
  • Chapter 2- Year of 1526. The years are kind to Volstadt as the city-state expands. Spawn are created, the coffers grow and the citizens are none the wiser about their rulers. The immortals are approached by two rival families for sanctuary. The Von Sterbens are a scholarly family of necromancers who simply want to study their art in peace. The Von Jaegers are a mercenary nobility and skilled monster hunters. After some negotiation, the families agree to coexist with the Von Sterbens staying in the city proper and the Von Jaegers dwelling in the troll-infested mountains. Not long after, a clan of forest-dwellers attacks Volstadt under the orders of Kalanyaya Hungry-Earth. Mounting a counter-offensive, both Darion of the Skulls Bloodline and Colin the Werebear are slain. Volstadt’s newest immortal, Ishraq provides intel on the enemy base and it is destroyed. Even using a giant treant does not save Kalanyaya. The forest-dwellers are killed down to the last child. The outsiders known as Axiomites are chosen as planar allies, offering unparalleled technology.
  • Chapter 3- Year of 1536. The newly christened Dunstland prepares for an important diplomatic mission while accepting two new allies. Tarkus is a man possessed by a suit of armor, insanely driven but powerful. Raynor is a victim of psionic experiment, blessed with power and cursed with a demonic companion. Together, the immortals dodge assassination attempts while gaining favor with Duke Harkness of Meerenburg and uncovering the shadowy forces arrayed against him. Abner, the undead construct, is destroyed after attacking Chief Alchemist Mortimer Flint. His transgression is blamed on the druidic rebels of 10 years ago. While exploring Flint’s lab, Tarkus is destroyed but a valuable discovery is made: the Harbinger Equation. With the help of Meerenburg’s former Grand Diplomat, Gormund, the Dunstlanders discover the plots of the traitorous Spymaster, Robert Flowers. Fending off an attack from hideous plant monsters, they confront Flowers and his partner, Litsare. They both agree to withdraw and help take over Gaulstein as long as no other monsters reveal themselves. Their deaths are faked and Duke Harkness is kept in the dark as his city-state celebrates its victory.


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