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  • Virtuous Artella I

    Known as Catelyn Schmidt before being elected as the first Virtuous, or leader of the Church of the Sovereign and affiliated faiths. She had born the epithet of Catelyn the Architect, making it her life's work to reinforce the defenses of all settlements …

  • Abelard Schneider

    A paladin of the Sovereign who worked as a caravan guard in Gaulstein. When the populace rioted at the word of monsters in their midst, Abelard helped to calm them and institute executions. As the Inquiry continues, Abelard wants to prevent any further …

  • Achmed al Hakim

    While he has kept a low profile, Achmed is a well know detective in the south. His most famous case is when he outed a cabal of younger rakshasa trying to usurp those in power.

  • Morgan Sterling

    When people started dying along a trade route near his home, Morgan did his best to stop the murders. Unfortunately, the murderer was a rogue werewolf and not easily taken care of. In the course of tracking the werewolf and it’s pack, Morgan came across …

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